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Integrating feature stairs in higher education institutions supports recruitment efforts and positively impacts the institution's reputation. Discover how they can further benefit higher education institutions.

Walter Bowie
VP of Client Relations

Walter Bowie leads project development efforts from project identification and pursuit through cost estimating, purchasing, and design phase management for Synergi’s notable projects from coast to coast.

Walter began working in the industry as a fabricator and welder, gaining valuable hands-on experience and technical know-how that formed the bedrock of his expertise upon which he has added more than two decades of experience bringing to life statement stairs that honor design intent for clients across various sectors – including corporate offices, higher education, life sciences, cultural institutions, and more. Walter continues to leverage this foundational knowledge to provide extensive logistical planning and prefabrication expertise, ensuring a project’s seamless execution from conception to completion and providing clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Committed to building strong relationships, Walter remains dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed his clients' expectations. In his recent work, Walter has provided clients with best practices recommendations for designing stairs that encourage broad use and promote inclusivity by incorporating universal design principles into their projects.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 240.319.1341

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