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Sustainability and Synergi

At Synergi, sustainability is a business method we practice ensuring the safety, efficiency, and responsibility for the well-being of our employees, clients, partners, communities, and the environment, now and in the future.

3 Ways We Strive For Sustainability

Material Sourcing

We take pride in the fact that 80% of our projects are LEED Certified. We aim to source materials from within 500 miles of a project site and adhere to a minimum total recycled content for the parts we use of 25% for stainless steel, 60% for aluminum, and 95% for brass and bronze.

Project Environment

We use quality-centric, environmentally sustainable processes during fabrication. Low VOC paints are utilized to improve indoor air quality and reduce urban smog. A computer-controlled machine in factory measures and cuts our glass railing systems parts, reducing energy and eliminating waste. The engineering and quality of our railing systems ensure a long-life cycle, maximizing efficiency and reducing the need for untimely replacement. The materials used are maintenance free, abolishing the need for harsh chemicals, stains, or paints. Because metal and glass have innate recyclable properties, our products can be recycled when the time for disposal arises.

Corporate Responsibility

Our daily operations align business performance with a commitment to environmental stewardship. To decrease our environmental footprint, our office uses CFL and LED lighting, recycles all paper and plastic products, and uses paper products comprising of post-consumer waste materials. We also take part in giving back to the community and environment with volunteering efforts that include reforestation of local parks – because we know that every effort, small and large, counts.

We believe that we have an obligation to operate in a sustainable manner to benefit not only the environment, but to best serve our clients and partners, secure profits, and drive long-term prosperity.