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Meet The Team

Faces of Synergi: Roger Waskey

At Synergi, we are all about creating something that is greater than the sum of its parts. That being said, we certainly wouldn’t get very far without those individual parts – the expertise and contribution each team member brings to the table! With our Faces of Synergi series, we take a moment to shine a spotlight on just one team member at a time and recognize his or her individuality and the important role it plays within our organization.

meet Synergi’s Field Survey Manager

A member of the Synergi team for 15 years, Roger has been an integral part of Synergi’s growth. During his tenure, Roger has had the opportunity to work in several departments, providing him with unique insight into the various processes each project entails. The depth of his experience in the industry and his veteran presence make Roger a knowledgeable leader, as well as a valued team member, now charged with developing Synergi’s new Survey Department.

Roger Waskey

In your own words, what is it that you do at Synergi?

My job at Synergi is to manage all site surveying and to assist with the layout of complex scopes of work.


What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I love to step into a situation that is deemed “difficult” and help the team bring it to a point of successful completion. Every job is different, so that makes every job rewarding!


What do you enjoy about working at Synergi?

On January 1, 2021, it will be 15 years since I started with Synergi, and I have loved the journey the company has taken me on. I have had the privilege of working in almost every department and am now being entrusted to help develop a new Survey Department for the company.


What has been your favorite project or experience at Synergi, and why?

My favorite project took place at the JBG Smith HQ office in Bethesda, where I managed all the surveying and installation. I was on-site almost every day, starting with doing the field dimension right through to the completion of the punch list. This was a unique project that  required an extreme amount of coordination in every phase of the job. The stair was pre-painted and brought to the job site in special crates, which were craned in through the 5th floor window. Every piece was carefully hoisted into place, bolted together, and hung from the ceiling on stainless steel cables. We were not allowed to do any cutting or welding on-site, so we only had one chance to get everything done right! The finished job won a craftmanship award. An additional challenge of this job –  the owner of JBG set up a motion video camera in the stair well, enabling him to watch and listen to our progress live from the comfort of his home.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spoiling the grandkids. I am convinced I am the luckiest guy on earth 😊.

Any hidden or surprising talents most people wouldn’t guess you possess?

I used to play the guitar and harmonica, together, at the same time.

One fun fact about you?

I hate vegetables.


Your elementary school teachers would have described you as…

Teacher’s Pet… obviously!


In your opinion, the world would be a better place with more…

Charcoal barbecues and red meat.


In your opinion, the world would be a better place with less…


Posted by Synergi on November 11th, 2020

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