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Synergi Pre-Engineered Railing System

Synergi’s Pre-Engineered Railing System is an innovative new system of pre-engineered adaptable, expandable, railing products. This product line’s architect-approved designs save time, reduce costs, and avoid risk while offering design freedom previously only available with custom work. Additionally, the system’s exclusive expandability feature is ideal for adding a distinctive design signature to spaces such as atriums and lobbies.

Synergi Pre-Engineered Railing System

Offering creative freedom, the Pre-Engineered Railing System’s product line includes several railing-post designs: Industria, Insert, Invision, Minima Saber, Minima Square, Minima Taper, and Universal. Each design has its own character that can be combined with modular components and a wide range of material and finish choices to create a unique, customized look.


Please visit the Information Page for full specifications and product data or to view the brochure for each style in the line:




Minima Saber

Minima Square