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Borregas Ave Mass Timber Project

Project Specs

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Undisclosed Client

Scope of Work

Design, fabrication, and installation of the team-space and cafe stairs, Custom monolithic tinted steel, glass guardrails at exterior.


Located in Sunnyvale, CA, this mass timber project on Borregas Avenue expands its footprint with a new five-story, 182,500-square foot office/R&D building that sits on the east side of the parcel; a green space is provided on the west side of the parcel. The office replaces two now-demolished buildings, including the former HQ of Atari Kindgom, whose lots were merged into one 7-acre parcel.

The architectural design of the mass timber office building is contemporary with simple forms that highlight the natural wood materials both internal to and on the exterior of the building. The building is designed to have double height floors on the second and fourth floors on the north side and single height floors on the south side. A central skylight on the roof, open to the floors below, allows natural light into the interior office spaces.

Design-Assist & Prefabrication

Resulted In 20.5% Reduction In Cost

& 10x Faster Onsite Installation Per Flight Of Stairs.

Stage One Architect's Vision For The Stiar
Stage Two Synergi's Initial Rendering
Stage Three Fully Engineered Design
Stage Four BIM Coordination
Stage Five Fabrication In Shop
Stage Six Delivery Of Prefabricated Units
Stage Seven Stairs Secured Onsite
Stage Eight Occupied Space

Pre-Fabricated Installation Process

  • 01Stage One
  • 02Stage Two
  • 03Stage Three
  • 04Stage Four
  • 05Stage Five
  • 06Stage Six
  • 07Stage Seven
  • 08Stage Eight