A foundational tool of active design, feature stairs can help combat the inactivity epidemic and improve occupants' physical health and well-being. Learn How
Integrating feature stairs in higher education institutions supports recruitment efforts and positively impacts the institution's reputation. Discover how they can further benefit higher education institutions.
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Cancer Institute In New Brunswick

Project Specs

Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Architectural Partners: HOK
General Contractor: Jingoli

Scope of Work

4-story monumental curved feature stair

Overview + Cost Savings

The main feature of the atrium is a winding stair connecting 4 floors that form a shape similar to the well-known cancer ribbon. Synergi collaboratively designed the unique stair with HOK where the ½” steel plate guardrails are the main structural member of the stair.

The stair was designed to be prefabricated offsite using 4 crane lifts to install the stair. Prefabricating the stair reduced costs by minimizing the amount of field labor, increased the quality of the stair by allowing all the visible welds to be factory completed and significantly reduced the time spent on site. This saved over $1m from the original design!

Confidential Client Rendering
Design-Assist Stage Synegi's Photo-Realistic Rendering
Design-Assist Stage Fine-tuning Materials + Engineering
Pre-Fabrication Stage Full-Scale Mockup
Pre-Fabrication Stage Logistics Planning
Delivery Synerig's Custom Made 'Dollies' To Suit 400lb Load
Installation 360 Footage
Installation 10 Ton Electric Hoists To Keep Loads Aligned
Installation Stair Assembly

Current Construction Progression

  • 01Design-Assist Stage
  • 02Design-Assist Stage
  • 03Pre-Fabrication Stage
  • 04Pre-Fabrication Stage
  • 05Delivery
  • 06Installation
  • 07Installation
  • 08Installation

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