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Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream

Project Specs

Location: Washington, DC
Architectural Partner: Shalom Baranes Associates
General Contractor: Grunley Construction

Scope of Work

Feature stair and railing


Originally constructed in 1836, the former Riggs National Bank building located just steps away from the White House, is the future home of the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream. All stakeholders have worked to maintain the historic integrity and character of the building by preserving original design elements while incorporating elegant, modern touches - like Synergi's feature stairs. Scheduled for project delivery in 2023, the museum "will tell the story of American Dream through the eyes of people who have sought the American Dream, but we’ll also be asking people to define their American Dream,” according to CAAD President, Kerry Murphy Healey.

Delivery Milken Center
Installation Milken Center
Construction Milken Center
Completed Stair Milken Center

Milken Center Feature Stair Installation

  • 01Delivery
  • 02Installation
  • 03Construction
  • 04Completed Stair