A foundational tool of active design, feature stairs can help combat the inactivity epidemic and improve occupants' physical health and well-being. Learn How
Integrating feature stairs in higher education institutions supports recruitment efforts and positively impacts the institution's reputation. Discover how they can further benefit higher education institutions.

Synergi performs turnkey feature stair packages - including structural stringers, treads, and guardrails - to seamlessly deliver even the most complex stair projects.

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Feature Stairs

One of Synergi’s most visually striking specialties, the feature stair serves both design and function. Key to the vertical transportation within a building, these stairs combine an exposed metal structure, decorative metal elements, and any number of other material finishes. Vertical circulation in buildings promotes a healthy workplace environment and encourages collaborative collisions between tenants through conversations on the architectural stairs that may not have happened otherwise. These key themes make the implementation of feature or communicating stairs imperative for designers.

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With more than 500 successfully installed feature stair showpieces to date, we are ready to take your project to the next level.

Transformations: Stairs

COVID-19 has challenged vertical transportation strategies in buildings, which have historically relied on the use of elevators. Ongoing concerns about physical distancing and about touching surfaces mean that people may remain reluctant to interact with elevators in the post-pandemic world. One major workspace design trend expected to grow in the future - and already being seen among architects, tenants, and developers - is a transition from elevators to interconnecting stairs as the primary mode of vertical transportation in buildings - like Post Houston's stunning double-helix staircase.

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The Future Is Feature Stairs

Buildings promoting the use of stairs over elevator are likely to fare better post-coronavirus. Elevators, the only real alternative to stairs, simply do not meet social distancing guidelines; as a result, stairs are becoming a prominent consideration in buildings. Not only are stairs more open, they also offer greater visibility, which makes social distancing easier. A well-dimensioned featured stair offers enough space for people to both ascend and descend simultaneously, making social distancing easier when compared to a narrow fire escape or elevator.

More About Our Focus On Stairs

Across the design of these current projects, emphasis is given to spaces designed to inspire collaboration - like Synergi’s stairs, which are the main mode of vertical transformation.

George Washington University

George Washington University

Enviva HQ

Enviva HQ

Synergi - JBG Smith HQ - Bethesda, MD_01

JBG Smith

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Pandora Americas Headquarters Projects

Pandora HQ

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Synergi The REACH at The Kennedy Center interior staircase

4747 Bethesda Ave

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Prefabricated Modular Stairs

Modular construction and prefabricated stairs give your project an iconic centerpiece to elevate it to the next level at a reduced cost and installation timeline. These unitized stairs are entirely fabricated, assembled, and beautified with glass, fittings, and architectural finishes offsite, facilitating expedient and minimally-disruptive onsite installation.

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Installation is completed in a fraction of the planned duration, minimizing disruption to the project site and saving months off the project’s schedule.

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