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Synergi Announces New Office In Miami

With new projects and growing opportunities for our team, Synergi is expanding our operations to meet the growing demand in Miami, Florida.

Last month marked a significant milestone for Synergi as we unveiled a brand new office in Miami, Florida! This exciting addition will enhance our east coast division’s already impressive footprint. Guiding our venture into this new market is none other than our very own Don Newman, a seasoned and dynamic Business Development Director with deep local knowledge.

As the construction landscape in the region continues to evolve and flourish, Synergi is prepared to meet the demands of this market head-on. Florida’s current construction scene offers numerous projects and opportunities that perfectly complement Synergi’s expertise. Our presence in Miami is more than just geographic expansion; it solidifies our standing as leaders in feature stair and decorative railing design.

Posted by Theresa Admiraal on September 12th, 2023

Synergi Welcomes New Director of Business Development In San Francisco, Theodore Stray

Synergi Welcomes New Director of Business Development In San Francisco, Theodore Stray

Meet The Team September 1st, 2023
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Somerset House Railing Installation

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